International Cooperations

Latin America is very consciously aware of the balance that must be cared for between use of resources the protection of them. This part of the world is host to a number of natural resources including a variety of minerals, oil deposits, forested land, rich soils and large numbers of seafoods. As grateful as Latin American surely is for the rich resources they possess, there are a number of concerns regarding their environmental state as well. Some of these include air pollution in select cities, contaminated waters running through industrial centers as well high deforestation rates and soil erosion. Latin America has long faced the public vs. private good dilemma, most prominently with deforestation.  In order to start to help combat some of the difficulties these populations are facing, an agreement was made between the Government of the United States of America and The Government of the Republic of Chile on environmental cooperation.  The purpose of the implementation of this agreement is to emphasize the importance of strengthening international relations while regarding the environment as an entity not to be taken advantage of. A key note in this agreement/policy is the idea of holding each other accountable for what takes place in each territory as well. The issues behind this rise from the abuse of resources that could, in turn, affect the trade habits between the two nations. This agreement is a blatant example of how to incorporate environmental issues in national and international politics. Only so much profit can be made from the resources available because only so much can be done with such resources. In order to think long term profit, organizations, nations, individuals will have to start thinking long-term sustainability. Environmental concerns and sustainability are issues that should not only be considered by one sector, but ones that are going to be solved only with multidisciplinary and intergovernmental cooperation.


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