Japan taking Charge

Islands and desert areas have a difficult time with energy consumption and holding environmental policy since they may be the only ones around for miles. Japan has an environmental policy that is implemented with the hopes of protection for the environment. Since 1971, there have been changes in japan on how pollution is viewed. They have combated pollution during a period of high economic growth. Although they feel that they have made head-way with the pollution there are still major polluters of the air and water. The Environmental protection policy is in place to reduce the pollution that this island is putting off. Over the course of environmental justice in japan there has been new additions of policies and boards all with the same purpose of helping the environment. Most of the policies were enacted after the “Earth summit”, that urged many countries to implement concrete ideas and “foundation in helping the environment.

Since Japan is an island and its closest large nation, china, has its own pollution to worry about, Japan has taken it upon themselves to lead the environmental fight as an island. They have taken an interest in the Asia-Pacific region because of the proximity. Countries there have problems with poverty, population, energy consumption and the deterioration of the urban environment. Since japan has started implementing policy they have moved from an a central japan only policy and towards helping the smaller less developed countries into becoming more sustainable.

Under the Environmental policy plans japan goes into chemical and health, as well as separating the health of “Soil” and the “Ground”. Their sustainability is revolved around how sustainable their citizen’s lives are and how healthy their environment is.yokohama+fuji




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