Japan’s World Largest Hydrogen Energy

Three of Japan’s largest companies has come together to turn a city called Fukushima into hydrogen energy infrastructure. This means that they will be carbon-free. The purpose is obvious, to provide clean air for the people and provide a better living space for not only humans but nature as well. One reason I can think of that Japan is starting to implement these types of things is due to overcrowding. Everyday they see large amounts of carbon on there small amount of land due to the mass amount of people. So starting in a moderately populated area will allow them to test there sustainability ideas and hopefully soon move it to more populated areas such as Tokyo.

I believe implementation like this in Japan are definitely changing. They are becoming more and more of a desire among the people which is so many companies and cities are pushing for a more sustainable living environment. With this in mind one can note that is has certainly been productive in the push of moving new ideas forward. An example is looking at there carbon foot print as over time it has slowly decreased as more and more people are making a change.





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