Kenyan Government Bans Overhunting

Overhunting is a huge issue because it throws off the Earth’s equilibrium and it is very difficult to get it back on course. The Earth is able to combat many environmental issues that have arisen, but the actions that humans have taken is too much for the Earth to handle. When certain species become extinct it begins to affect the entire food chain, which eventually affects humans. As Kenya faces a dwindling wild- life population and increased pressure from foreign conservation groups, the government placed a ban on big-game hunting in 1977. This ban took place because Kenya wanted to try “…to make environmental considerations an integral part of its development process” (Walter Ingo). The Kenyan government would need funds to incorporate more sustainable practices in the country, so they look at their biggest place of revenue: tourism. Every year thousands of people come into the country to view the exotic animals in their natural habitats. If these animals are being over hunted and becoming extinct the country will lose their biggest source of funds. Therefore it will lose all ability to convert its country into a sustainable environment. This ban has been somewhat productive because the idea is great, but the implementation and enforcement were lacking. The government found that people were still illegally poaching so at “…the end of 1977, a ban was placed by Kenya on the sale of animal trophies and skins” (Walter Ingo). This was the next step that really enforced the ban because not only was hunting these animals illegal, but the people that were selling and buying these trophy kills were being regulated as well. Thus limiting the amount of species becoming instinct which will not only help the biodiversity in the environment but also allow Kenya to maintain its own sustainability goals.


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Gibson, Clark C. Politicians and poachers: the political economy of wildlife policy in Africa. Cambridge University Press, 1999.


2 thoughts on “Kenyan Government Bans Overhunting

  1. Over hunting and trophy hunting needs to be terminated entirely everywhere. It’s a disgusting act that further threatens endangered animals. Recently, China’s largest airline banned the cargo of shark fin. We need to incorporate more of these bans in airlines around the world. Killing these animals just for “sport” and profit takes away the beauty that makes Africa.


  2. I really never understood the purpose of hunting wildlife. This “sport” should have been banned a long time ago and still needs to be cut out of other countries. Wild hunting happens everywhere , not just areas like Kenyan. There is absolutely no need for this behavior, we need species.


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