Mexico city has implemented this rule to regulate the amount of CO2 that is being introduced into the atmosphere. On specific days depending on the last digits of your license plate number you are not allowed to drive. This rule has been very productive over time because as a result the railways in Mexico City has expanded, ECOBICI has expanded their number of bike stops and bikes, and as a result Mexico city’s air pollution has decreased over the years. People are becoming accustomed to this rule and it is an everyday thing.


One thought on “NO CIRCULA!

  1. I was reading about this recently and I think it’s pretty cool that cities in Mexico are beginning to take charge into converting toward greener ways. I know Mexico City has had their fare share of initiatives into going greener, but other major cities like Monterrey and Guadalajara were beginning to get into the mix as well if I remember correctly. I think this program specifically is vital in decreasing vehicle emissions and could possibly be adopted in other cities to good effect too.


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