Policy and Regulation EFP

The Earth Friendly Products (EFP) is an environmental sustainability policy that ensures that sustainability is their driving force to reducing the impact of products throughout their life cycle. In other words, their main goal at Earth Friendly Products is to improving the quality of life while protecting our planet.

From the perspective of the Early Friendly Products, the main issue is the lack of information about sustainability or how to address it. Many of the things we do and use are harmful to our environment and the policy aims to minimize that impact for us.

Originally, the target of the policy is to handle waste specifically specializing in office waste/equipment and to push for more recycling programs/methods. As they continue to track down and implement their policies, they have a set goal of keeping track of how things are going through a series of reports.

Although it is unclear on whether or not the partnerships with certainly based companies will hold, Earth Friendly Products would hope others would keep their words in order to make this policy a success.

Urban and environmental intersect with one or another in ways where the environment will be affected based on the population. An example in relation to these two words would be pollution, with the continuous growth of urban population, we face crucial danger and developments of issues such as pollution.



One thought on “Policy and Regulation EFP

  1. What can others do to help make this policy a success? I agree that because of the continuous growth of urban population, pollution possibilities may increase.


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