Safe Water Drinking Act

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The Safe Drinking Water Act  also known as SDWA was established to protect the quality of drinking water in the U.S. This law focuses on all waters actually or potentially designed for drinking use, whether from above ground or underground sources.

This act provides a baseline and minimum standards of clean water.  They require all owners or operators of public water systems to comply with these primary standards. There are currently about 155,000 public water systems providing water to almost all Americans at some time in their lives. The Act does not cover private wells. Water bottles do no apply to this regulation. They apply to the Food and Drug Administration.  This act was put in place to ensure drinking water is safe, and restores and maintains oceans, watersheds, and their aquatic ecosystems to protect human health, support economic and recreational activities, and provide healthy habitat for fish, plants and wildlife.

This act has been effective as they bring clean water across the country.  Tap water regularly outperforms bottled water. Therefore, yes the SDWA has been effective with their base guidelines. Most people across the world are scared to drink tap water. Here in the United States, any citizen would drink tap water regardless of where they are in the country.







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