State Climate and Energy Program

As the current administration roles back on EPA regulations, local and state governments are still taking measures in reducing emissions and using cleaner energy. From the EPA website that since the late 1980’s that energy efficiency programs have been successful in various regulated and unregulated markets. These are mostly done at state, third-party administration and utility levels. It’s more important to look at state level because of the focus on specific needs and to come up with a more cost-effective systems.

With a guide to action off the EPA website to further analyze state energy, environmental, and economical needs. This is to further provide a system that is controlled by the state to see the amount of emission and to lessen the environmental impact. The goals are to reduce the gas emissions and decrease the amount of water used. Providing long term benefits to the cities that are starting to use clean energy.

With the roll, back on the EPA states have made a shift to cleaner energy. In the article, Climate Action Will Thrive on State and Local Level, Leaders Vow After Trump Order, Maryland’s governor has sign legislation to ban oil and gas fracking in the state. Also, many West Coast governors state they have had job growth and economic growth around climate policies. Many people stating that it was a bad decision to have exited the Paris Agreement. Quoting from the article “the number of U.S. jobs in solar energy overtook those in oil and natural gas extraction for the first-time last year, with wages above the national median.” And that “The Sierra Club recently did an analysis showing 60 percent of the reductions needed to meet the Paris commitment can be met outside of federal policy.”

Roll backs at the federal level will not change much of anything if states create different regulations. Policies can be made at the state level to counter act the roll back on the EPA. Setting leading examples in environmental and political interest. Creating different forms of economic and environmental benefits around changing policy.



2 thoughts on “State Climate and Energy Program

  1. You make an excellent point. Despite trump thinking we need to keep burning through fossil fuels, states can make those decisions themselves. It’s clear that if we don’t start moving toward renewable now, we won’t have sustainable life for the future. We might not ever get completely away from fossil fuels, but we will have to put as much into renewables as we can now. We should only be using the fossil fuels as a backup for when renewables aren’t providing enough energy.


  2. Interesting topic! This whole debate has been quite lengthy due to Trump not openly saying that climate change is real, and that we need to to do something to take care of the environment. I like how you point out how the governor decided to ban oil and gas fracking because it really proves that there are still people in government that accept the truth behind the damage done with fracking. However, it still feels like once we take a step forward, we kind of take a step back too when trump and his admin don’t acknowledge the unhealthiness of our environment.


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