TransMilenio in Bogota

The sustainable challenge in Bogota, Columbia is that it is a fast growing economy along with rapid increase of population so, the pressure to ow, drive and park private vehicles was overcrowding and pushing pedestrians and cyclist off the streets. In addition to this problem, traffic jam was also one of the experienced problems which made it difficult for folks to travel around the city. The growth in private car possession was uncontrollable. As a solution, the city embarked on a system that restricted road and walkway zone among cyclist, pedestrians, public transportation, and private car drivers. In 2000, the city built a TransMilenio, which is the world’s largest bus and fastest traveling transportation. They also added bicycle parking stations and banned private cars from parking on sidewalks to allow trekkers to walk without fear of being hit by car. These policies have increased public transportation riders from 800,000 in 2000 to 1.4 million in 2009. This has been very productive for the city through decreasing people’s interest in driving private owned vehicles to public transportation, which decreases emissions in the atmosphere and it also created a fast traveling system and safer environment for bikers and pedestrians. This regulation hasn’t changed, but due to over crowing and fare-dodging issues, the city of Bogota is now addressing new methods for improvements.


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