Water Regulations

One regulation that has been globally was the water advisory and limitation lately in California. This regulation have helped the California drought especially the south. Since there have water contamination and big bodies of water have dried up like lakes and rivers. With the water being limited used, it has helped with farms and being able to the residents to drink water. The purpose of the advisory and limitations in the first place is to save as much as possible for useful things. This is because eating, growing food, and for big states is mainly these things are more needed or valued compared to taking long baths/shower or watering the lawn. The regulation has changed over time because it started to rain a little more in California overtime. More water have been saved instead of water into area for the things needed in life instead of watering random areas that is not much has happen or wasting water. This have been productive because not only did California survived, it showed how much water the residence have used. National politics around environmental issues have been known for a while because climate change has affected many parts of America. However, some politicians have denied the fact that climate change doesn’t exist in America.





3 thoughts on “Water Regulations

  1. I agree with you that climate change has effect many parts of America. Even though California has just received large quantities of rain water, Californians still need to monitor the amount of water they consume or else they can face another severe drought.


  2. The politicians who believe that climate change isn’t real, are the ones in bed with people in the oil businesses, etc. I’m glad that strict regulations have resulted in California being able to save more water, but I don’t think they should ever let up; especially when the Earth is getting warmer each year.


  3. Climate change is something that is affecting everyone and it really has shifted the use and idea of water. Prepping for the lack of water in California, because of the recent lack of, is beneficial to plan for different regulation and limitations. But those who do not experience these problems from climate change tend to not care thus making more problems.


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