Healthy Forests Initiative

In 2003 the Healthy Forests Initiative Act, originally proposed by George W. Bush, was set into law after the widespread forests fires of 2002 kept taking place. According to, the primary effect of this act was to decrease public involvement, reduce environmental protection, and increase access to National forests and other lands (federal) for timber companies. The site notes that these proposals allowed the timber industry more free reign than to enact the proposed benefits to fuels reduction efforts on National Forests. The site also notes that it was assumed that the initiative was based on a false assumption that logging would decrease forests fires which general scientific consensus proved that the logging increased the fires. It was thought that by allowing the timber companies to log that it would thin out overstocked stands, and clearing away vegetation would lessen the effects of fires. There was major opposition to this act and many argued that the fires allowed for the forest to clear out dead and older trees to let saplings grow in its place on their own- that the intervention from humans would disturb natural processes. The issue of frequent forest fires was the reason this act was set into place. The act has had great opposition and has not been productive in terms of creating healthy forests. The whole premise of this act was to clear out trees and prevent fires by giving more power to timber companies which actively destroyed federal lands and nationally protected forests. This initiative would have been successful if taken in a different direction.


5 thoughts on “Healthy Forests Initiative

  1. It is interesting to see that the administration choose to let humans into the forests and thought it would help the forests. Even if it was meant to stop forest fires it causes harm with the use of the machines and the lose of trees.


  2. This is a good way to change for forests and green spaces. Also, this allows forest fires to be limited since there is less machines.


  3. This is just another example of how human society intends to “protect” and help nature; when in reality nature only follows its natural process to heal itself.


  4. This is a great example of how policy makers can enforce policies that instead of benefit the environment they destroy it in order to make money and save businesses.


  5. This initiative seems very important due to the amount of forest fires that have happened in recent times. However, it does sound very counterintuitive to say that logging will cause less forest fires.


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