Air Issues in Pilsen

Image result for air issues pilsen The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is concerned about pollution in the Pilsen neighborhood area due to emission from by H Kramer & co. Their have been community concerns that the corporation has been violating the Clean Air Act and State Air pollution violations at firms brass smelting foundry in the Pilsen area.

To resolve this issue the EPA have required parametric monitoring to ensure that lead pollution control devices, pulse jet bag house filters, and High Efficiency Particulate Air  (HEPA) filters operate effectively. Ambient air monitors have been installed in the community although they are not required.

The use of parametric monitoring would be beneficial to communities in measuring the monthly ambient air quality in the community. This will help companies become mindful of the amount of emissions they put in the air, thus making them follow air quality regulations. This will also be beneficial to residents as they will know the air quality of the community they live in.

For future community issues the city government should first address the public through the media in letting the entire community know about the issues in their community. Next, the government should engage with that community about possible solutions to mitigate the problem. Lastly, they should resolve the issues in such away that doesn’t further harm the community or its surrounding environment.


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