Plastic Bag Tax

The City of Chicago has implemented a plastic bag tax in all grocery stores. Since February of this year, all grocery stores has been charging their customers $0.07 for each bag they use from them. The city will receive 5 cents and the retailers will get back 2 cents for each bag sold. In order to not to be taxed, customers would have to leave the store without one and carry their items out by hand or bring their own bags. This was bag tax ban was implemented in hopes of limiting the use of plastic bags that would usually just end up filling landfills and dumpsters. Is this tax working? Most people wont see this as an issue. Its a painless charge and people are willing to spend the extra few cents because its more convenient for them. The only other way I could think that would encourage others to bring their own bags is if we cut out all plastic bags completely. This isn’t the only tax the city has enforced. The water bottle tax is also in place for the same reasons, limit landfill waste.


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