US/UPP 130. Principles of Urban Sustainability. 3 hours.

Introduces students to fundamental principles, interdisciplinary approaches, current and historical trends, policies and planning programs that promote sustainability in urban regions. US Society course.

Fall 2015 Flyer


Elizabeth A. Kocs

Director of Programming Outreach Research & Education, UIC Energy Initiative
Environment-Behavior Scientist, UIC Energy Initiative
Instructor for LAS 493, University of Illinois at Chicago
Adjunct Assistant Professor, CUPPA                                                                            Editor-in-Chief, MRS Energy & Sustainability: A Review Journal


Dr. Elizabeth Kocs is an environment-behavior scientist, whose current research interests focus on intersections of technology, energy, sustainability, and social/behavioral change. Her scholarly work spans environmental research on energy/sustainability perspectives, urban parks and human environments. As Director of Programming and Outreach for the Energy Initiative, she fosters relationships with energy entities to grow UIC energy programming, and works closely with local, regional, and national institutions and funding agencies to support curriculum, research, and collaborative efforts. Dr. Kocs is also an instructor for newly developed curriculum on energy and sustainability and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Urban Planning & Policy.

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