Lisa Sazenbacher




Lisa manages outreach activities and marketing materials related to UIC’s sustainability initiatives, frequently presenting to groups around campus about UIC’s sustainability programs.

Lisa completed her Masters in Environmental Management & Sustainability at the Illinois Institute of Technology. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences from UIC, Lisa managed a laboratory in the department of Psychiatry and has co-authored research articles on the topic of neuroendocrinology. She then began work for UIC’s Environmental Health & Safety Office, focusing on energy & waste minimization in research settings. Lisa is a member of the UIC Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy and the founding member of the UIC Green Labs Committee.

In her free time, Lisa enjoys concocting Nice ‘Stache brews at the home with her husband, puppy, and baby!


Date:          Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Time:         10:00 – 10:50 am


Informational & Reading Materials:

Green Cities Due 09/06

STARS_Report_2015 Due 09/06

SST_Report_05082015 Executive Summary & UIC Strengths sections DUE 09/06

Additional materials can be found on the UIC Office of Sustainability website.