Fall 2015 Assignments

Blog Assignment #4 – Science, Innovation & Technology for Urban Sustainability

DUE 11/20 

Science, innovation and technology are important components of urban sustainability. They can provide solutions from the high-technology end to retrofitting, biomimicry, and more basic, inexpensive and readily-available technologies and planning approaches. Information and communication technologies (ICTs), and urban science and data can play key roles to solve urban challenges without expensive infrastructure requirements.

Identify an urban innovation project in any city in the world.

Think about the following questions and address one of them: 1) What role does this urban innovation project have for the city’s sustainable development goals? 2) What are the project’s sustainability outcomes and what methods/plans are they implementing to make the project a success? (Use valid examples to support your claim.) or 3) How does the project address all 5 factors for sustainable development (environment, economics, social equity, energy and health)?

See Assignment Sheet for full details and instructions.


Blog Assignment #3 – Environmental Policy/Regulations

DUE 11/06Globe

Environmental Policy has been a rising sector in laws
and regulation. On a federal level, the EPA is responsible for dealing with environmental policy and U.S. regulations regarding the environment. On a state and regional level, regulations become more specific to cater to that area’s specific needs.

Identify an environmental/sustainable policy or regulation in Chicago.

Think about the following questions and address at least two of them:  1) What is its purpose and what issues prompted the rule to be put into effect in the first place? 2) Has the history or implementation of the regulation changed over time? 3) Has it been productive? If yes, in what ways? If not, what can be done to encourage people to abide by these regulations? 4) How do urban and national politics intersect around environmental issues?

See Assignment Sheet for full details and instructions.



Blog Assignment 2 – Public Health Concerns

Due 10/05

PHEnvironmental impact contributes greatly to public health issues, especially in the urban environment (where there are large concentrations of people and emissions). Chicago being a large metropolitan area that goes beyond the city limits and crosses state lines, concerns over public health are of great concern.

Identify a specific public health concern in the Chicago area and suggest an informed, sustainable plan to alleviate/mitigate the problem.

Think about the following questions and address at least two of them: 1) What would be the best course of action and who would be affected? 2) Why would this plan be beneficial and how would it relate to urban sustainability? 3) How should a city government prioritize in order to address health-related and environmental bottlenecks?

See Assignment Sheet for full details and instructions.



Blog Assignment 1 – My Sustainability Impact

Due 09/04  UIC

There are approximately 27,000 students who attend University of Illinois at Chicago, and urban research university. Such a large number of students are bound to have some impact on the campus.

How have you, as an individual and UIC student, made any sustainable and unsustainable impacts on the UIC campus or in your community (if you are new to UIC)?

Of these impacts, discuss any outside factors or any visible patterns of behavior, and consider your personal habits, the forms of transportation you use, and your overall perspective.

See Assignment Sheet for full details and instructions.