Fall 2015 Semester Group Project

Public Service Announcement (PSA) VIDEO


Students will be assigned to small working groups to create a public service announcement (PSA). The PSA video will be approximately 3-5 minutes long. The video can be a commercial, news report, or Powerpoint video (with voiceover). Other suggestions must be approved by the professor. The groups will be assigned a theme/topic. The purpose of the PSA video is to provide an educational tool that promotes awareness of urban sustainability challenges, policies, and potential solutions.

Keep in mind that the intended audience of a PSA (public service announcement) is the general population. Keep the PSA appropriate for the audience type. If you wish to direct your PSA towards a certain audience (elementary-level kids, college students, older generation, etc.), you must get approval from the professor first.


Please be extremely careful about sourcing your research material and what is included in your PSA video. You must document all sources. If quoting, make sure it is explicitly stated. Be mindful of copyright permissions in text, images, and audio. Plagiarism is a serious offense and it will not be taken lightly in this class. If it’s on YouTube and flagged for copyright infringement, you automatically fail. YouTube has specific guidelines on what’s permissible and legal.

If you have any further questions about what constitutes as plagiarism, just ask.


The students will be responsible for turning in the following assignments throughout the semester:

  • 3 Potential Ideas for PSA topic assigned                   due by 9/14, Week 4
    1. 3-5 sentences describing each idea
    2. Include specific examples you would like to highlight in the PSA
  • Proposal                                                                    due by 9/28, Week 6
    1. One page document, 10 pt. font, 1.5 spacing
    2. List of Sources
    3. Include drafts of the following:
      1. POST (Problem/ Opportunity/ Solution/ Technology)
      2. STORM (Strategy/ Team/ Others in the Field/ Resources Needed/ Milestones Reached)
  • Rough Outline of PSA Video                                    due by 10/12, Week 8
    1. Submit Storyboard with approximate timings
    2. References Cited


  • Video Testing                                                         due by 11/23, Week 14
    1. Ensure video will work with platforms in class
    2. PSA video at 25% completion


  • Final Video and Presentation                                due on 11/30, Week 15
    1. 3-5 minute PSA video
    2. Prepared presentation


Please read full instructions on the assignment sheet: PSA Semester Group Project Fall 2015


LIST of PSA Topics

  1. Urban Sustainability
  2. Urbanization (Human Impacts)
  3. Urbanization (Natural Impacts)
  4. Ecology in Urban Development
  5. Climate Change (Human Impacts)
  6. Climate Change (Natural Impacts)
  7. Energy (Types and Use)
  8. Economic Development/Globalization
  9. Developed and Developing Countries
  10. Cities and Health
  11. Social Equity and Diversity in Urban Sustainability
  12. Ethics and Global Solutions
  13. Grassroots and Community-based efforts
  14. Urban Planning for Urban Sustainable Development
  15. Science of Sustainability
  16. Policies and Regulations